Admission Criteria

We accept young people from across the UK aged between 13 & 18 years with a primary diagnosis of mental health needs. Young people may be admitted directly to a low secure unit, or may be stepping down from a medium secure unit.

Ordinarily young people referred will be displaying one or more of the stated behavioural characteristics:

  • Aggression and violence to units, people and property
  • Absconding: usually periodic or persistent and the consequences are serious enough to warrant continued treatment in low secure setting.
  • Sexually problematic behaviour (not related to any particular offence category)
  • Suicidal behaviour: Usually high risk for extended periods
  • Presenting with behaviour that cannot be managed safely in an open environment
  • There are significant risks in relation to mental disorder or short term risk/ symptoms requiring stabilisation
  • Patients with enduring mental health problems that require a low secure setting
  • Patients who abscond, causing disruption to treatment and those subsequent relapse carries a high risk of dangerous behaviour
  • Patients in an acute phase of mental illness, with associated high risk behaviours
  • Patients requiring a less stimulating environment
  • Patients on specialist treatment requiring full compliance in the short term
  • Patients requiring an enhanced level of engagement, over the short term
  • Patients with a forensic history