Our Environment and Delivery of Care


We pride ourselves on providing a homely yet safe environment. We meet the physical
requirements of a low secure hospital but have tailored our service to reflect a fun and relaxing
atmosphere. We recognise that the prospect of being detained in a low secure hospital can be
daunting and the impact of this can be great, our relational security enables us to minimise risks
posed by service users to themselves and other people in an age appropriate and sensitive way. The
ethos of the ward is not driven by the physical security – whilst all the required checks are carried
out to ensure this is maintained, the unique aspect of our service is found in the delivery of care.

Unlike many other secure units which have a number of rules and set requirements for all service
users to follow, we treat every individual as unique, recognising that each person will be able to
achieve different things at different times. Our risk assessments and care plans, whilst underpinned
by some risk management processes, are tailored to each person – this means that each service user
can achieve their goals. For example, unlike other organisations that operate level systems which
often require long periods of settled behaviour in order to access the community, we take each day
as it comes – with a fluid risk assessment that enables service users to achieve leave based on their
behaviour in the 24/48 hours lead up to community leave. This means our service users are engaged
in the local community and can clearly see and engage with this on a frequent basis, we believe that
this keeps the prospect of discharge ‘real’ whereas maintaining regular consistent levels of
behaviour as required in other settings, is unachievable for some, making the prospect of discharge
feel out of reach and can result in a feeling of hopelessness. We take pride in managing risk and
quality of life to help service users placed in our care to leave hospital quickly and effectively – our
model has enabled us to produce short length of stay.We have maximised the space within the hospital to create a variety of therapeutic spaces, this includes kitchens to promote independent living skills,

hair and nail salons to promote self-esteem and positive body image.