ASDAN Personal Effectiveness Programme Launches

Within the education department we are now offering our young people a Curriculum programme COPE/AOPE through ASDAN, the young people are able to gain a GCSE equivalent grade or UCAS points. It provides flexible and engaging programmes that involve short term targets covering problem solving, communication, working with others and much more within the modules he/she has chosen.  This will encourage the young people to develop a wider range of core skills and keep them motivated.

The young people are enthusiastic with regards to COPE/AOPE as it provides a non-ridged framework which appeals to the young people because they can incorporate their own interests and pursuits into an active qualification.

Sessions can be either 1:1 or group based dependent on the module of choice. The young people are also able to increase the level of achievement as he/she progresses.

We are excited to see how this new qualification works – Alison, ASDAN Lead, Education Department