Treatment Programme

Treatment is provided by a full time multi-disciplinary team led by a CAMHS Consultant. The team consists of, but is not limited to, Family Therapy, Clinical Psychology, Education and Occupational Therapy.

The programme includes both group and 1:1 sessions which are designed following robust assessment and monitored using outcome measures. Risk assessment forms an important part of the recovery process for the young person, the team will utilise assessments such as SAVRY as well as a baseline risk assessment.

Interventions used include CBT, DBT principles, behavioural management and pharmacological. Programmes are personal to each young person therefore using effective strategies and treatment for them as individuals.

Therapy will include working with families/carers and schools, where appropriate, to ensure programmes incorporate health, social and education dimensions.

Young people are actively involved in the planning of their care, which starts with their care plans, risk assessments and MDT weekly review. Placing them at the centre of the treatment aims to make them feel empowered and proactive in the rehabilitation. Recovery star is also used as part of this process.