Our Environment

Wales' only Low Secure CAMHS care provider set within a therapeutic community mileau utilising the local amenities

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For all referrals please contact the team on:

T: 01495 350349

Email: contact@regishealthcare.co.uk


"Thank you for everything you've done for me. You are always efficient and productive" -YP 

"You always supported me to be a better version of myself & I appreciate your prompts for my continual self-improvement" - YP

"You were there at my darkest & you helped craft me into the resilient, empowered woman I am today" - YP

"You've done a good job with me. Give yourself a pat on the back" - YP 


Hillview Hospital is a 21 bed Low Secure hospital.

Our hospital operates with a therapeutic community ethos, promoting the positives of recovery through a family orientated model. We promote community integration, working to make it safe for young people to access the community, this is done on an individualised basis, but if safe, young people can begin community transition work as early as two weeks after admission. For others this may take a little longer, however, we run a full in-house therapy programme, with a number of facilities onsite.

Low secure units can often be daunting, with locked doors and high fences. We have worked hard to minimise the impact this can have by creating homely environments designed to not feel clinical. 

The majority of our young people need to feel safe and know that we are able to support them when they are at their most distressed, as a result we have ensured we have a wide range of support options available to them. For example, our psychology team contains access to qualified clinical, forensic and counselling staff. In addition, our occupational therapy team provides both therapeutic and activity based support. We have an RGN on our staff team to support young people with their physical health needs and also assist in managing with self-harm.

Compassionate care really is at the heart of what we provide at Regis Healthcare. Identifying what is important to a young person and their families is what drives a young person’s care plan whilst with us. Our service provides a homely atmosphere whilst maintaining the physical security required for young people placed with us. With the focus on relational security we ensure every young person has an individualised active rehabilitation programme that meets their needs and maintains their safety.

We want young people placed with us to develop personally to learning new skills and to manage their mental health difficulties, which is why we work in partnership with them from admission to discharge

"Thank you for changing your approach to meet our daughters needs" - YP Parent

"We are extremely grateful for the care that has been provided by the whole team to our daughter throughout her stay" - YP Parents

"I know the staff, they know me and they're really good"- YP

"I would like to thank everyone for their investment into my journey to recovery" - YP