Service User Testimonials

“My time at Regis has been a long journey but has been so fun and staff always keep you active it’s been amazing living at Regis. I want to thank everyone including Stephanie the director of Regis Healthcare. Good luck to everyone who comes and leaves Regis.”

                                                                 – M

“For the new people that come to Regis, a bit of advice keep calm and carry on, think strong and positive. I’d like to thank the staff for all their help.”

                                                                         – P

“To all staff, thank you so much for helping me get better and thank you for the fun activities 😊”

– K

“To Brenin Ward staff, thank you for all the lovely things you have done for me.”

– K

“Regis, I have to start by thanking you. I need to thank you for giving me a second chance at life. I was so close to giving up, but I came to Regis and everyone showed me that there is a life worth living and that I have so much to live for. A combination of management, nursing team, HCW’s OT’s, MDT, psychologists have made sure that I can live a hospital free life. Times may become hard after discharge and I’m sure that I can overcome the ups and the downs with the skills Regis have taught me. Thank you so much.”

– L

“The best thing about Regis is going out and having fun.”

– R

“Thank you to Regis with helping me with dealing with my emotions and supporting me through my journey here.”

                              – S

“When I came to Regis I was not in the right frame of mind, it was quite hard to talk to staff, but they made me feel welcome and it did not take long for me to start talking to them. When I spoke to staff they gave me a lot of support and was there if I needed them. The staff always offered a helping hand when you build up your leave, which is all down to the staff that take you on group trips such as Western Super mare and West Midlands safari park. We go rambling, trampolining and horse riding etc. through the week so it kept me busy. There is also on ward-based activities for new people until they build up S17 (leave). Talking to staff and getting their support really got me through my journey, at Regis it will be a bumpy ride but take each day as it comes. Now I’m on my way to move out I would like to say a big thank you to all the staff that has helped me because the staff are just there to help you like they helped me. Thank you for my journey at Regis.”

                                               – N

“Thank you for all the support Regis has given me. I could not have gotten through my recovery without all the staff and MDT. THANK YOU!!”

– L