Ebbw Ward

Following a period of stabilisation and completion of identified stages of their care and treatment pathway within the ‘Moving Forward’ programme, the Young People will be eligible to transition to Ebbw Ward. It will be the ethos of the Ebbw Transition ward to support the young people to maximise their individual potential, achieve their recovery goals, engage in positive risk taking and support and enable them to further embed the skills and coping strategies learnt since admission to Brenin ward.

The unit is specifically designed for adolescents and this is reinforced by the décor and facilities. Ebbw ward is set in Hillview hospital which is located just behind the town centre of Ebbw Vale. Community engagement and social inclusion are easily facilitated due to the location of the hospital. The hospital only accepts those who are detained under the Mental Health Act. All young people are informed of their rights upon admission and this is discussed monthly.

An important feature of Ebbw Ward is to support the young people on this care pathway, to increase their skills in preparation for discharge to the community through graded exposure programmes, practice their skills in real-life environments and, by accessing support and social networks within the community, learn skills to be more resilient