9-Year-old Boy With Dyslexia Uses His ‘Superpower’ to Make John Cena Portrait Out of Rubik’s Cubes

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

Today we are continuing with #GoodNewsWednesday, to try to spread some happiness in the middle of the week! 😀

This week's story is about an amazing 9-year old boy from Canada called Benjamin Russo that has dyslexia, he creates amazing art using Rubik's cubes!

In a recent video he designed a massive portrait of WWE star John Cena using 750 Rubik's cubes! This incredible work of art took Benjamin just over five hours over the course of three weeks to finish,

Although he struggles with reading and writing due to his dyslexia, he has always had a talent for memorising patterns and can copy patterns at an incredible speed.

His mum Melanie Russo has said that she believes his heightened sense of spatial awareness is part of what makes solving Rubik's cubes so easy for Benjamin, he is so good at solving Rubik cubes he can solve one side of it in about one second.

Benjamin says that Dyslexia isn't his disability but actually it is his superpower, and we think he is 100% right!

Since completing his John Cena masterpiece he has also gone on to completed another incredible work of art, again only using Rubik cubes, to depict John Wick who is played by Keanu Reeves in the film series.

You can follow Benjamin on his Instagram where he is keeping all his new fans up to date with his work.

We look forward to seeing what Benjamin comes up with next.

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