Adolescent mental health centre for Cardiff University

We were really excited to read about the £10m Wolfson Centre at Cardiff University that wants to develop new ways of reducing anxiety and depression in adolescents. As the only CAMHS service in Wales it is encouraging to see people investing in researching young peoples mental health, the centre will look into some of the factors that may impact young peoples mental health including whether parents, family or genetic factors play a part, as well as social media and wider lifestyle and environmental issues.

Co-director Stephan Collishaw added: "Wales is a living lab of some 1.3m young people. "This major investment will allow us not only to understand the causes of anxiety and depression but help create early interventions to ensure that young people get the right help, advice and support they need."

In the UK, one in eight young people experience anxiety or depression - a rise of 50% compared to 20 years ago - and the vast majority go unrecognised, according to the team.

We are passionate about helping our young people and are always pleased to see the progress being made when it comes to the research into the mental health of young people. It feels like we have turned a corner and hopefully schools and parents will start to be able to identify the first signs of mental illness, and learn through this research how to combat it.

Click here to read the full story from the BBC

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