Animal Therapy - Surprise special Guest! Keep reading to find out more!

Updated: May 4, 2020

Monday morning we had some animals from Walnut Tree Farm come and spend some time with our young people. Despite the slightly stereotypical welsh weather all the girls had a great time interacting and feeding the goats and Shetland ponies, but...there was one very special surprise visitor who almost everyone couldn't help falling in love with....

The nosy Shetland ponies are always a hit with the girls, they are super friendly and love a good rub on the nose, the effect the animals have on the girls is almost instantly visible. They allow themselves to be distracted from what they might have been thinking or doing prior to the visit, even when it is cold and raining! 

<3 This was our very special guest! <3

Everyone completely fell in love with her, She's the sweetest foster lamb who is only one week old and needs a name! We had many suggestions from the girls and will be holding a poll over on our Social Media pages across the next few days to choose the best name for her!

We'd also like to take a minute to thank our HCW team who work tirelessly with our young people rain or shine, day after day to make sure the girls are as safe and happy as possible. They stood in the rain without a complaint and with a smile on their faces!

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