Hillview Hospital | Find your Brave! | Young Person Interview | Low Secure CAMHS Unit

One of our young people who recently transitioned onto Ebbw ward shares what her CAMHS has been like and what her time at Hillview has taught her. She also talks about her Brave, which was the theme of Children's Mental Health week. We hope this will be helpful for anyone who is coming to Hillview or any other low secure CAMHS unit, as well as any young people struggling with their mental health. There is always light at the end of the tunnel even if you can't see it right now.

Who are we?

Hillview hospital is the only low secure CAMHS unit in Wales we look after females detained under the mental health act (Section 2 or 3) aged between 13-18 years.

Hillview prides itself on providing a homely yet safe environment. We meet the physical requirements of a low secure hospital but have tailored our service to reflect a fun and relaxing atmosphere. We recognise that the prospect of being detained in a low secure hospital can be daunting and the impact of this can be great, our relational security enables us to minimise risks posed by service users to themselves and other people in an age appropriate and sensitive way.

The ethos of the wards is not driven by the physical security – whilst all the required checks are carried out to ensure this is maintained, the unique aspect of our service is found in the delivery of care. Unlike many other secure units which have a number of rules and set requirements for all service users to follow, we treat every individual as unique, recognising that each person will be able to achieve different things at different times.

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