HIW Unannounced Inspection - CAMHS - We found a dedicated staff team....

December last year we had an unannounced inspection by HIW, after three days of inspecting both wards and talking to staff and patients they found that Hillview was doing the following well:

  • Staff interacted and engaged with patients respectfully

  • Good team working and motivated staff

  • Patients were provided with a good range of therapies and activities

  • Care and Treatment plans were completed in line with the Welsh Measure

  • Implemented a number of changes following previous inspections

  • Monitoring the use of the Mental Health Act.


"We found a dedicated staff team that were committed to providing a high standard of care to patients. We observed that staff interacted with patients respectfully throughout the inspection. Patients had good access to education, psychology, occupational therapy and community activities."


We were really pleased to see that HIW were impressed with the quality of patient experience:

"We observed staff interacting and engaging with patients appropriately, and we observed staff treating patients with dignity and respect."

"We saw staff attending to people who required one to one support in a calm and reassuring manner, employing appropriate engaging techniques when required."

"There were a range of suitable activities and therapies available throughout the hospital, and within the community, to aid patients' rehabilitation."


HIW were also happy with our quality of management and leadership:

"Hillview Hospital had effective processes and audit arrangements to support staff in maintaining safe and effective care."

"There was a committed staff team who appeared to have a very good understanding of the needs of the patients at the hospital."

"Recruitment was undertaken in an open and fair process with appropriate employment checks being carried out prior to and regularly during employment."


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