🎓 How are our Healthcare Workers Trained? 🎓 Life on the only low secure CAMHS unit in Wales

You might be an interested care giver or a potential new employee but if have you ever wondered what kind of training we offer to our new healthcare worker this post is for you.

For all new staff that start we enrol them into our in-depth training course before they go on ward so that they can have all the skills and information to be able to do their jobs and help our young people with their recoveries to the very best of their abilities, this includes a range of different subjects taught by members of our existing staff and also from outside specialists trainers. This is just a sample of the training the staff complete before they go onto ward:


Which stands for "Prevention and Management Of Violence & Aggression Training" staff may at some point face a risk of violence and aggression so working with PAMOVA Cymru we give our staff the skills that will allow them to manage this in a safe way, Where higher levels of training have been undertaken, this can enhance the confidence of staff, permitting them to make more informed and hopefully safer, professional and personal decisions including avoiding the escalation of a difficult situation or when appropriate withdrawing from a violent or aggressive incident

CareBlox, ICT Security and Confidentiality

This is the database system we use to record all observations and anything to do with the young peoples recovery, staff are taught how to use this so they can do their job more efficiently and our head of IT Gavin helps everyone get to grips with CareBlox in his training sessions. We also cover the importance of ICT Security when working with young people, we can't just let our young people have access to everything that is out there on the internet as it is our job to safeguard and protect them from potentially harmful content to help with their recovery, Gavin also covers the importance of confidentiality when at Hillview but also when you leave work.


One of the most important parts of the staff training is learning what safeguarding is and what are the best practices to ensure our staff are safeguarding our young people. One of our longer training sessions Jo who is our registered social worker goes into a lot of detail so the staff know exactly how best to safeguard our young people.

Mental Health Act

This provides the new staff with a good understanding of what the mental health act is and how it effects our young people, this training is undertaken by Mark who is our mental health act administrator.

Mental Health Awareness, Autism, self-harm, Ligature & Boundaries Training

This training helps staff to understand and be more aware of all aspects of mental health including a break down of the different diagnosis and help them to understand what the young people could be experiencing, some of our young people are also on the autistic spectrum so we train the staff so they can better understand how this can effect our young people. Boundaries training allows the staff to understand the boundaries you should put in place to protect themselves and the young people they are caring for.

Engaging with Young People

Vicki our amazing OT Tech gives invaluable advice which helps the staff to learn how to engage with our young people in an appropriate but friendly manner

That is just a summary of the training our staff complete, there are another EIGHT modulus of training and additional shadow shifts that our staff complete before being allowed on ward.

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