Look after your mental health with these five - five minute activities!

1. Look out the window and write/draw everything you see 👀

Give yourself ten minutes to reconnect with what is outside, try and notice things you might normally have had time to see, as well as writing everything why not try drawing the scene as a whole and labelling the things you hadn't noticed before. This is a good exercise if you are feeling very anxious, it allows your mind to focus on something else.


2. Measure a room with a book. 📚

This might sound like an odd activity, but it really is a great way to distract your mind away from any negative thoughts, best played as teams each team will guess at how many books the room measures, then each team measures the room for accuracy, and whoever was closest is the winning team!


3. Mindful Listening 🎧

Young people at Hillview Hospital love music, so we try to do as much as possible to encourage as allow them to have access to as much music as possible, including music lessons which are one of the best attended sessions at Hillview! As part of this we encourage the young people to be open to as many genres of music as possible, one way to become more open to music and also a great way to relax for ten minutes is to allow yourself to listen intently. Don't think, hear.


4. Stretch it out! 🤸‍♂️

We find another great way to give yourself a ten minute break, is to stretch it out! There are loads of free stretching guides on Pinterest which we provide for the young people when they need them, it is a great way to concentrate on your breathing and leave any other worries behind!


5. Have a warm drink!

The number one warm drink of choice here at Hillview is Hot Chocolate! Everyday give yourself five minutes alone with your warm drink of choice and really try and allow yourself to enjoy it without being distracted, think of all the things you like so much about it, and then everyday even if things have gone wrong, you will always have your five minutes of peace to look forward to!

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