What to look out for if you feel concerned about your child’s mental health - CMHW 2020

A simple way to remember some of the signs and what to look out for if you’ve started to feel concerned about your child’s mental health - M-A-S-K:


They get irritable, argumentative or aggressive towards you. They may blame you if things go wrong. They can also become withdrawn


They may experience changes in eating and sleeping patterns. Look out for any signs of bullying, alcohol, drugs or self-harm


They suddenly appear especially bored, lonely or withdrawn or they start to get into trouble. Losing interest in friends and other things they liked to do or missing school are common warning signs.


Refusing or being reluctant to talk about how they’re feeling is common. But keep listening and ask how they are feeling. When they do open up, make sure they know there’s someone there who really cares.

We will be posting a new blog post each day for the rest of the week, trying to bring you information on how to spot the signs of mental illness in children and how you can support then and what your next steps could be.

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