World Mental Health Day 2019

Every year the mental health foundation set a theme for world mental health day that is meant to raise awareness around the world, this year is suicide prevention. A lot of people don't know how to talk to someone they are worried about, and a lot of people try and avoid having those difficult conversations but if you are concerned about someone we recommend you try talking to them.

How Do You Have The Conversation?

Right Place, Right Time

Choose somewhere quiet and familiar, where you won't be interrupted and the other person feels comfortable. Make sure you both have time to talk and don't have other commitments to worry about.

Show You Care

Showing you care started when you asked how they were. The next step is to listen. To really listen to somebody, you need to give them your full attention, maintain eye contact and be engaged.

Put Your Phone Away

That's all, just put it away even better turn it off.

What Signs Should I Be Looking Out For?

Becoming anxious

Irritable or confrontational

Having mood swings

Acting recklessly

Sleeping too much or too little

Preferring not to be around other people

Having more problems with work or studies

Saying negative things about themselves

What Should I Do If Someone Is Self Harming?

If someone you care about it self harming you can try to talk to them about it, but the main thing is to let them know that you do not judge them and that you are there if they need to talk about it. If they refuse to stop self-harming then you may be able to persuade them to do it safely, or to try safer alternative methods. It is unlikely that they will stop altogether just because you have asked them to.

Who Can You Talk To?

Supporting someone who is struggling with their mental health can be stressful time, and it is likely that you may need some support yourself. If you find yourself feeling upset, frustrated, confused or scared you could try talking to friends and family, using one of the many support helplines, talking to your doctor, going to a support group for carers, friends and families for people supporting loved ones with mental illness or something everyone should do anyway and take some time out for yourself

What to do if you feel suicidal - Click here to read more

Sources - Rethink Mental Illness & Samaritans