At Regis we are able to accept referrals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: allowing us to provide emergency provision for young people, as well as planned admissions. The majority of our admissions will be planned, however, there may be occasions whereby a young person requires immediate admission, or is placed inappropriately on an adult ward.

Call us on: 
01495 350 349 (During Office Hours)
07985 712 789 (24/7 Referral Line) 

All emergency referrals will be discussed with the consultant within 2hr of receipt of the clinical information including risk assessment, whilst young people referred for planned admissions will be discussed with the consultant and assessed within 4 days of the referral being made.

Feedback will be provided to the referring agency about the suitability of the referral for admission and admission arrangements if appropriate. If a referral is considered to be inappropriate, the reasons for this will be provided with a discussion of alternative strategies. Our assessment forms can be obtained by calling the telephone number below. Following assessment the team will make a plan of treatment that is designed to integrate discharge planning.

Care coordinators will receive weekly updates on the young person’s progress, this will also be copied to the GP and can be made available to parents on request (this may be subject to the young person’s permission to share information), external CAMHS teams who are involved with the young person’s care can also request this information.